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I am a Registered Nurse who has suffered with tailbone pain for over 8 years. Like all chronic pain, it is essential that sufferers get the correct support, diagnosis and treatment appropriate for them as an individual. This blog follows my journey with chronic pain, it expresses my personal opinions and thoughts. It is not intended as a replacement for advice or treatment from your normal Healthcare Provider.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Everything hurts :-)

So, here I am again. My fitness course is going well. All parts of the Level 2 have now been handed in. I await my results. I have already started the Level 3.

I am really excited at this new direction. I am hoping to be able to help those with health issues, mobility problems and anyone who is just daunted at going to a gym, or by exercise in general.

I feel that I have already learnt so much. I feel my own posture has improved, although the weight is hard to lose which is frustrating, as I want to look the part!

I have to consider all my various aches and pains whilst exercising. As mentioned before, cycling is a no. I have tried again, on the static bikes- the ones with bike saddles, seats, spin cycles, recumbent bikes etc., and have tried adjusting the seat height and angle as well as the handlebars, but nothing helps. My lower back and tailbone complain for days afterwards. This is a real shame as I used to love spin cycling.

The rowing machine is ok if I sit on the seat with my bum hanging off the end....which probably looks very 'poor technique' to anyone who may look. But this does work for me, as I cannot sit, let alone 'rock' back and forth on my tailbone.

Then I have the added pain (literally) of my Achilles tendon. This is my own fault as I did too much too soon, and a bit like my tailbone, I aggravated an old injury. This is more of a nuisance than my tailbone at the moment. Everything is affected; it hurts to run, to walk, to use the cross trainer....pretty much everything and anything sets it off. I cannot completely rest it, which I know I should, as I have to keep fit- for personal and professional reasons now, and I must shift some weight!

I am therefore concentrating on weights/strength building and circuits. I am really enjoying all the weights- dumbbells, barbells, the resistance's a whole new world to me and I'm loving the challenge. What I have been doing the last fortnight (to rest my Achilles) is set myself circuits to keep my heart rate elevated; I'll do my warm up for 3-5 minutes (on say the rowing machine), do my stretches, do 3 say different lots of arm weights (such as bicep curls, lateral raises and triceps extensions), do 3 minutes on another bit of cardio equipment, another 3 lots of say, leg weights, 3 minutes on the standing ski machine (cardio), 3 lots of arm weights and then another 3 minutes, say, on the treadmill. I'll then do a cool down and cool down stretches. I wont bore you with my exact routine (unless anyone is interested). I do have to avoid weights though that cause me to sit at that painful tailbone angle.

My hope is that by building muscle, my body will expend more energy maintaining this, than it would the same amount of fat. So, the more muscle I have the more calories I'll burn (my metabolism will improve). However I am aware that it is not as simple as that, and the actual amount of fat burnt will really not make a significant difference. So I am additionally cutting down on calories, and like I said trying to at least incorporate some cardiovascular work into my fitness routine (injuries allowing).

Anyway, I'm not sure which direction I'll take with blogging now, as I feel I may have exhausted tailbones! and I'm not sure people are interested in my journey with fitness...

Comments and thoughts appreciated.


  1. I am interested in how the exercises are helping your aches and pains. What is good for building up butt muscles and helping with hip pain. I have labrael tears. Will all your exercises help tailbone pain

  2. Hi. I think being more mobile is helping as it's stopping me sitting (trying to sit) for too long. Its also helping improve my mood, which is also great at helping with pain. Exercise releases endorphins etc. I also think loosing a bit of weight is helping....although I still have a stone (at least) to go. Lunges, squats and leg presses are especially good for glutes and legs...there are good examples on youtube and other video links on google. Walking is always a good bet. But it's always best to seek advice beforehand (I don't know how serious your injuries are or if/how they effect you). My new blog is

  3. Sorry-

  4. Hi, it's great to see you at the gym!
    Not many people with coccyx pain do this enough; you have to work hard to get rid of coccyx pain, there is no easy way.
    My coccyx pain was horrible, I couldn't work or study properly. Then I started purely focusing on deadlifts and squats, maxing them out as hard as I could. Pay a PT to help you with your form, it's INCREDIBLY worth it if you're not experienced. This single handedly saved my life in a way.
    I squat and deadlift religiously because it's what keeps me from pain.

    Good luck x.

  5. Thanks so much! Yes, it’s really helping. I’ve avoided deadlifts & squats so far (bad technique & bad knees!) but funnily enough was going to try again tomorrow as I’d heard how good they can be. I think keeping active is a life saver in so many ways! Thanks again.