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I am a Registered Nurse who has suffered with tailbone pain for over 8 years. Like all chronic pain, it is essential that sufferers get the correct support, diagnosis and treatment appropriate for them as an individual. This blog follows my journey with chronic pain, it expresses my personal opinions and thoughts. It is not intended as a replacement for advice or treatment from your normal Healthcare Provider.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Tonight's consultation

Feeling a bit fed up again. I saw the consultant gynaecologist this evening. He confirmed that the coil is up inside my uterus and will need surgical removal, added to this I apparently have an ovarian cyst.

He says although this may not be the cause of my coccyx pain, it will certainly be contributing to it. So, long story short I'm booked in on the NHS for a laparoscopy. This will be in 3-4 months time. He will then remove the coil and the cyst. At least if I get this done, it's another possible cause crossed off my list. I know my coccyx is hyper mobile, and I know it's pointing slightly the wrong way and I know there is a degree of degeneration in the joints; but maybe if I eliminate this additional burden on may just help a bit.

I may as well try and be optimistic!

I'm still cross that the GP I saw (a) said her trying to remove the coil could not have made my pain worse, (b) expected me to wait up to a month for a scan, (c) did not at any point really 'listen' to me and think maybe there was something else going on, (d) would have let me leave things as they are for another two years (her advice- to leave the coil in situ). I'm fully aware they cannot know everything, but perhaps if some of them just listened to us a bit more...

Physio session number 11 tomorrow, so I can update her then. Think I may well continue to need her!

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