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I am a Registered Nurse who has suffered with tailbone pain for over 8 years. Like all chronic pain, it is essential that sufferers get the correct support, diagnosis and treatment appropriate for them as an individual. This blog follows my journey with chronic pain, it expresses my personal opinions and thoughts. It is not intended as a replacement for advice or treatment from your normal Healthcare Provider.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Lucky to have a lovely GP

I rang in sick today. I could not face a day of sitting- whether it was in the car, in patients houses or at a computer desk. Added to this the attitude of some colleagues meant I simply felt I could not face it. Last week a thoughtless comment reduced me to tears - luckily I escaped to my car before I was seen. Pain and lack of sleep meant I did not have the strength to retaliate or defend myself.

So today I have spent over an hour at the gym. Then I went and walked around our local shops. I have done housework. I have managed to avoid sitting mostly.

I do not think people have a clue what it is like to not be able to sit comfortably for more than a few minutes. I would like them to just imagine if they were told 'you are not allowed to sit down today, at all, and if you do you will get pain which will increase and increase until you can stand it no more'.

Anyway, moan over.

So, this evening I went and saw my lovely GP. She admits that coccydynia is notoriously hard to treat. She was so sympathetic. Predictably a sympathetic voice made me upset! Anyway, she has now written me off work for two weeks.

So far this year I have had one day off with coccydynia and that was following a steroid injection (which just made things worse). So, I can say with my hand on my heart that I do not take days off unless I am really desperate.

She has prescribed Tramadol, Naproxen and Paracetamol to be taken regularly. I have been avoiding strong painkillers up to now. I think this is because I do not like taking tablets, I do not want to become addicted to them, and I do not relish the idea of any side effects.

She has also advised that in these two weeks I 'don't lock' myself 'away in the house'. Coccydynia is not like the flu where you need to stay in bed, the opposite is true. I need to be out and about, 'do things' I 'enjoy' she has instructed, 'go to the gym', 'go for walks', 'get out'.

So I will. This will I hope, give the medication and physio/manipulation I have been receiving a chance to work. Any tension and stress I have been told, aggravates the pain, it will cause me to tighten and stress muscles that I am trying to relax and retrain.

Quite what work colleagues will say or think if they see me out 'having a good time' I don't know. The GP has said, and it is true, that people always assume that if you are off sick you should stay in bed, or at the very least at home. This is obviously an old fashioned idea, and as they say: 'one size doesn't fit all'.

Plan for tomorrow then is: gym or long walk, wrapping Christmas presents, writing Christmas cards and ironing- all standing up jobs. I shall intersperse this with the lying down and relaxation techniques my physio has given me.

At least it means that for once I will be way ahead with my Christmas.

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