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I am a Registered Nurse who has suffered with tailbone pain for over 8 years. Like all chronic pain, it is essential that sufferers get the correct support, diagnosis and treatment appropriate for them as an individual. This blog follows my journey with chronic pain, it expresses my personal opinions and thoughts. It is not intended as a replacement for advice or treatment from your normal Healthcare Provider.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Post physio

Well today I can't really sit at all. Not much fun on a day off. The physio did warn me it may get worse for a while. I've done some laundry, done some housework....not sure what to do with myself now! If the weather improves I could go for a walk. Don't feel like the gym today. It's hard to think of things to do standing up. Lunch to make soon so that's something......maybe I'll bake a cake later! 

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