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I am a Registered Nurse who has suffered with tailbone pain for over 8 years. Like all chronic pain, it is essential that sufferers get the correct support, diagnosis and treatment appropriate for them as an individual. This blog follows my journey with chronic pain, it expresses my personal opinions and thoughts. It is not intended as a replacement for advice or treatment from your normal Healthcare Provider.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Avoiding sitting

Two days off. This should be a good thing. But how do you avoid sitting? Yesterday I gymed, then did the grocery shop, then laundry and ironing, followed by baking....then preparing dinner. So managed to stay off my tailbone for best part of the day. But, once evening came I had to sit. I have two cushions a wedge coccyx cushion and donut cushion. I can tolerate both for limited times. I can tolerate the sofa even less.

Today: again the gym, then shopping for birthday cards. Out the house for five hours. Now I need a cup of tea and to sit. The only option is to sit on either buttock, which ends up giving me referred back pain. But I can't lie down if I want a hot drink.

Once again I realise I am so much better off than a lot of coccydynia sufferers who cannot even mobilise, or leave the house. I feel so much sympathy for them.

I am looking forward to my next physio appointment on Friday. It will be painful, but I'm hoping it is means to an end.

Facebook Coccyx Support Group is excellent for anyone who wants to share and/or see others discuss this condition. 

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